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Welcome to HU Covid-19

We are are a talanted Covid-19 Response Giving Team Please Join Us!


COVID-19 Prevention and Control Main Task Force.

Jemal Yousuf Hassen (PhD)

President of Haramaya University Telephone (Office):+251(0)255530319
Telephone (Mob):+251(0)915768463
Email Address:jemaly2001@yahoo.com

Prof. Mengistu Urge (PhD)

Vice President for Academic Affairs Telephone (Office):+251(0)5530320
Telephone (Mob):+251930374860
Email Address:urgeletta@yahoo.com

Prof.Jeylan Wolyie (PhD)

Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs Telephone (Office):+251(0)255530323
Telephone (Mob):+251930340120
Email Address:jeylanw@yahoo.com

Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik (PhD)

Vice President for Community Engagement & Enterprise Development Telephone (Office):+251(0)5530056
Telephone (Mob):+251915321047
Email Address:kwolde58@gmail.com

Yadeta Dessie(PHD)

Assistant Professor, Chief Executive Director(Harer Campus) Telephone (Office):+251(0)5530056
Telephone (Mob):+251915321047
Email Address:yad_de2005@yahoo.com


This contact us page from Haramaya University allows for user to fill out a simple, general form or segment themselves to find the specific help they need (i.e. Covid-19 Prevention,Information Seeking, or support).

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